Adding names to phone numbers Ggma Premier

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Adding names to phone numbers Ggma Premier

Post by bha19 » Sun Feb 11, 2024 7:22 am

My brother calls once a week and when he uses his landline his name and number come up so I know it is him. When he calls from his cell phone my phone just rings and does not tell me anything. I tried adding his cell number to the known call list but that did not change anything. How do I get his cell number and name to show up on Ooma?

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Re: Adding names to phone numbers Ooma Premier

Post by Robek » Sun Feb 11, 2024 1:46 pm

Does the cell phone name/number show up in the Call Logs? If not, then what shows up instead? To add a Call Log entry to a new or existing contact, click the 'Add Contact' icon in the 'Actions' column, select the desired action, and fill in any additional information as needed.

If the name/number show up in the Call Logs, but not in the Caller-ID display, then try testing with another Caller-ID device/handset (if available), or try temporarily setting up call forwarding to a different number, to confirm whether Caller-ID works there. If that doesn't help, then contact customer support.

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