No incoming call for lacking Telo manual

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No incoming call for lacking Telo manual

Post by steve248 » Wed Feb 09, 2011 6:58 am

New Ooma customer. Like to share my experience on incoming call issue.

First some background -- I just moved and get my existing ATT land-line phone number ported. It took 14 days. As side note, it takes time to transfer, hence, my advice to new customer -- start Ooma service early. Do not wait until last few day of moving because your service will be forcved to cut off. Fortunately, I was able to hold on that land-line service because I owned that house and I had 3 weeks before the tenant moved in.

Back to topic of no incoming call: The phone was ported on 2/2. Ooma kept me informed very well, through email. Absolutely no issue when I followed the quick start instruction. Incoming and outbound phone call worked.

After a few days, I found out all incoming calls got some message that "it cannot take your call". Outbound call works. The phone log on "my Ooma" shows all the outbound calls, but no trace of incoming calls. After 2 days of frustration, I could not find Ooma has any additional manual or instruction about all the light and buttons on the Telo. I did notice that all lights are blue, except one with "envelop" logo is pinkish. I thought there was nothing wrong with that pinkish color because it looks that it was telling me that I have voice mail.

I sent email to Ooma tech support about this no incoming call issue. An reply indicated I will get feedback within 24 hours. Meantime, I bumped to this Message board.

I look around the message board just to see what others were disucssing so as to familiar myself to Ooma product. Luck me, someone on other issue mentioned that the "envelop" logo is "DO NOT DISTURB" if it is NOT blue.

Now my problem is solved -- I immediately jumped off the bed, went to the Telo, pressed the envelop logo until it turned into blue color and use my cell phone to call. It worked!

Here is my experience for new customer and my comment to Ooma:

(1). Design of Telo is so elegant, but there is no text on the panel to tell customer what they means. There is no way to know which logo is press-able neither. Personally, I do not believe Ooma designed get it right -- these logo may be common, but they are not universal. I still need to have "text" next to the logo to tell me what they are for. Case in point, I ABSOLUTELY have no idea that a pinkish "envelop" logo means "DO NOT DISTURB". I'm in late 50s, not new kid, and I am rather techie (Electrical Engineer). I know what is "do not disturb" feature for a phone, but I am not ready to take pinkish "envelop" without any text to mean "do not disturb". I am not sure why Ooma folks must think everyone should know that.

(2). Lack of document: There is only quick start up chart. It did not tell us what and where is each "invisible" buttons. I called the buttons invisible because Telo uses membrance switch, which is under the soft plastic skin. Some logo/LED has the switches, some don't, hence it was very confusion. I must have accidentally press envelop logo ("Do not disturb") a few days ago. Had there is document, my issue would have been solved within minutes, not 60 hours lap time, plus hours of trying to solve it.

Finally and Honestly Speaking, I prefer Telo to put text on the logo to tell what they stand for. It is too much to expect everyone knows and remembers what these Ooma-invented logo/color stand for without text next to them. I will print a label for each of the logo so that my household members know how to use Telo CORRECTLY!

In summary, Telo is a good products, I already recommended it through my Yahoo group, which is a Yahoo group for my college classmates.

Thanks for reading.

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Re: No incoming call for lacking Telo manual

Post by thunderbird » Wed Feb 09, 2011 7:39 am

In the lower right hand corner of the Ooma Telo Quick Start Guide, there are some explanation of what the light are.

Expected in the next Ooma Telo firmware update will be tone and voice enhancements for the various buttons.

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Re: No incoming call for lacking Telo manual

Post by EA PA » Wed Feb 09, 2011 9:18 am

Basic functions described with button detail ... 0functions
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Re: No incoming call for lacking Telo manual

Post by Kent923 » Sat Apr 09, 2016 11:14 am

The lights, what does it mean? The new Ooma telo manual on the web is for Ooma Telo 2. The old one Ooma Telo 1 is no where to be found. The tech chat guy can't give me a link to one and he said it is in the forum somewhere. I searched with google and the manual is still on the web site. Now it is in the forum perhaps again. I can't find it before. ... 3_en_1.pdf


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Re: No incoming call for lacking Telo manual

Post by thomasm » Mon Apr 11, 2016 1:53 pm

I agree 100% with the thread starter. My Telo 2 sitting right next to me has a BROTHER LABELTAPE pasted beneath the buttons. It is marked DEL REW/BRT PLAY FF/DND. There is another pasted to the two buttons in the first row labeled VOLUME. It is very annoying that PLAIN ENGLISH LABELS are a thing of the past replaced with confusing symbols and arrows. Even more irritating are the "hidden" second functions of certain buttons when held down for a few seconds.

Unfortunately, it's impossible to convince manufacturers to go back to the "old" way, but I'm good to go as long as they keep making Brother Label Cartridges! :P

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