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Voicemail not picking up

Posted: Sat Feb 12, 2011 2:34 pm
by umbertob
New user, sorry if this has been brought up or addressed in the past but I searched the forum and could not find a similar problem.

Since some time this morning, all incoming calls that don't get answered within 4 rings get a busy signal instead of being transferred to the Oooma Telo voicemail. If I answer an incoming call within the 4 rings everything is fine, but if I don't the caller eventually gets a busy signal (and hangs up, obviously.) As a result, I am also unable to access voicemail remotely, since the machine never picks up when I call in. This happens whether I call my connected landline - which is currently set to forwarding all calls to my virtual phone number, until the number is ported - or the virtual phone number directly.

I checked to make sure the answering machine in my cordless phone was off (it is.) I can access the voice mail from the Telo or the cordless handset in the house. I also tried changing the number of seconds / rings before voicemail picks up, no difference. If I turn on Do Not Disturb, the phone doesn't ring but callers just hear the busy sign right away, instead of after a number of rings. Basically, it's as if the Telo voicemail has been replaced by a busy signal for my callers.

Any ideas? I already rebooted the Telo, the problem didn't go away.

Re: Voicemail not picking up

Posted: Sat Feb 12, 2011 2:42 pm
by lbmofo
Call customer service at 888-711-OOMA. I think something must be going on with your VM at Ooma.