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Re: Strange voices from Ooma

Posted: Mon Apr 02, 2012 9:31 pm
by thunderbird
(No idea how I am supposed to 'test'.)
Means after making one of the suggested changes, "listen for the beep".

As a temporary measure you could do the following:
Dial *#*#511 to turn on/off Touch Panel sound effects:
If you dial *#*#511, it will turn off/on audio announcements for all Ooma Telo button presses.

Something else you could try is:
Ooma Telo Factory Reset:
Dial *#*#099 on the phone attached to Telo to issue a factory reset.
A recording will come on the line and ask if you really want to do a factory reset. Press 1 for yes, and press 2 or hang up for no. After pressing 1, you will hear a busy signal. After hanging up, the number 1 light stays lit yellow on the face of the Ooma Telo. After a short period of time, only the number 1 & 2 lights remain lit blue. Then after more time, the Ooma Telo goes into the boot sequence, and comes back on line.

If you are using an Ooma Wi-Fi dongle, you have to access Ooma Setup and rescan for the Wi-Fi network before a Wi-Fi connection can be made. The same is true for DSL, if you have to enter Connection type PPoE and a Name and Password for the Internet provider connection. You will have to reset MAC address to Use Built In, reset your Quality of Service Upstream/Downstream Internet Speed settings, and Bluetooth settings if you are using Ooma’s USB Bluetooth dongle.