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Use Xlink Box, when OOMA down

Posted: Mon Apr 13, 2009 12:02 pm
by RCH
Boy, its time like this that I am glad I have the Xlink box with a cell phone hooked to my system. My wife just called me and the caller ID showed that it came from my home cell phone, I asked her why she was calling on the cell phone and she said she didn't. That is when I knew the OOMA system must be down. The Xlink box will connect the cell phone to the home system if it detects that the main line is down. When we dropped our land line, I didn't want to port it to OOMA but I didn't want to loose our number that we have had for many years so I ported it to a cell phone on the AT&T family plan. The Xlink box allow us to receive calls from the cell phone (old home number) and thru the new OOMA number on our home cordless phones.

BTW - when I call my OOMA number it goes straight to voice mail. And then I get an email with the voice mail attached. I don't use voice mail from OOMA and have it set to 59 seconds. But, when I try to leave a message a recorded voice comes over and says it can't hear me even though I was talking. It still sends an empty voice mail email.

3:55 Eastern time and still down in Indiana