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Deciding to Tough it out

Posted: Tue Aug 23, 2011 10:46 am
by psmsmallengines
I ported my 2nd number away from ooma yesterday as I had lost all hope with this phone system, I was ready to port my last number out too, but cooler heads prevail. Now my second number rings Just fine, though it is supposed to be ported out and I was told it was but it's not, which is O.K. I sent back my third handset yesterday same issues as other two had and the number assigned to it would only go right to voice mail and ooma seemed helpless to do anything about it, called them after sending it back yesterday and kike I said, second number working Just fine...Figures, called and tried to have them cancel port, but they could not and calling new provider, I did not fare much better, but I like the idea of not paying out $50.00 plus dollars a month, so I will just tough it out for now on.