Sporadic behavior since outage

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Sporadic behavior since outage

Post by Spiky » Mon Aug 29, 2011 6:54 am

I am aware of the outage on Aug 17. But since then we have been experiencing sporadic behavior from our setup.
  • Calls that can't go through, incoming or outgoing.
    Calls that are dropped.
    Sometimes an incoming call goes straight to Ooma voicemail as if 2 calls are already on via call waiting. (and nobody is on the phone at all)
    Had one error where a call was forwarded to my cell, which historically has meant that my Telo is off or has a problem, but I called home right after and got through.
Whenever I go check on the Telo, it appears to be fine (all lights blue), even when one of these issues is occurring. Last night a call dropped right in the middle of a conversation. When my wife tried to call back, she first got nothing, then a moment later a dial tone but couldn't dial anything, finally was able to dial and complete another call about 2 minutes later. The Telo looked fine the whole time.

Anyone else experiencing anything like this? Not sure about the one forwarding incident, but all the others seem like network issues to me. I have had times where there were local issues with my Telo, solved by better setup or new firmware. But not for months. The last week has been terrible. I'm nearing 1 year on ownership. If there is a hardware problem, I need to solve it.

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Re: Sporadic behavior since outage

Post by thunderbird » Mon Aug 29, 2011 9:52 am

What is the firmware version that you have? Check for the version of Ooma Telo firmware that you have by Dialing *#*#001. The firmware version audio comes out of your Ooma Telo Speaker after dialing *#*#001 in one of your phones.

This is what has been helping me.
I have had some of the symptoms that you describe, during the last two days. Each time I have removed power from the Ooma device for 15 minutes, then repowered my Ooma device. The first time it happened to me, I had to do this procedure twice before it cleared up the problems.

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