International Calls (Germany) still unusable

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International Calls (Germany) still unusable

Post by anrufer » Tue Apr 14, 2009 9:10 am

Calling to Germany is still so bad that it's pretty much unusable. Even if the price would be slightly increased and it would work, that would be better than wasting 2.2 cents per minute on a garbled connection.

I have read about others having the same problem: has anybody been able to get it resolved? Just a few minutes ago I tried a call, and had to hang up after about 5 minutes. The conversation was like this: What? Again? Can't hear you! Did you say something? .... you get the point.

Ooma, is there a way to improve this?
BTW, calls inside the US are usually fine, even the echo with local calls seems to be fixed. Thanks to Ooma for that!

Improving the international call quality would bring Ooma to the point that it could maybe replace my landline.

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