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iPhone 4 incoming calls to ooma show anonymous on caller ID

Posted: Sat Nov 26, 2011 11:51 am
by justintact
The past couple of days I have been getting certain calls come through Ooma as anonymous on the caller ID. I have called ooma support and went though some troubleshooting as well, resetting the device and having Ooma support look at my setting etc. They show nothing wrong. I have an iPhone 4S and every time I would test call my Ooma line it would say anonymous. When Ooma would call me during a test call the caller ID would come through fine. I had my Mom call me on her Motorola RAZR and also with her land-line and it came through with caller ID . I then switched off 3G on my wife's iPhone 4 and made a call via 2G and the called ID showed!! I can't try this on my iPhone 4S because they don't allow you to disable 3G and use 2G. Can anybody replicate this?? Like I said this just started happening because previously we never had problems with our iPhones. I am confused...