Switch between analog handset and ooma HD3 during a call

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Switch between analog handset and ooma HD3 during a call

Post by pkcouch » Mon Apr 01, 2019 4:07 pm


I have had ooma for a grand total of 2 days and have already stumbled across something I can't figure out. I bought the ooma telo air 2 system from Costco which comes with a single HD3 handset. I have a multi-handset cordless/wireless AT&T analog telephone system plugged into the ooma.

When I answer a call with an AT&T phone, I can pickup another AT&T handset without issue and multiple people can participate in a call. I can answer the call on AT&T and then pickup using the HD3, but there are a few button presses to "join" a call. Kind of annoying.

When I answer a call with the HD3, I am restricted to the HD3 only. In other words, I can't figure out how to join the call with one or more of the AT&T analog phones.

Does anyone know how to join a call in progress (answered by the HD3) with an analog phone? I suppose I could ditch the HD3 and just use the AT&T phone system, but wanted to use both for a while until I see which one I like. I might just buy a bunch of the HD3s and get rid of the AT&T. Or not.

Thanks, Paul

PS- I am old school and happy with the way things were, but ISP is about to make a wholesale change to VOIP system and will soon require me to rent their equipment to continue home phone service. Thought I'd try ooma since friends like it and I have an aversion to renting equipment from cable/ISP company.

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Re: Switch between analog handset and ooma HD3 during a call

Post by murphy » Mon Apr 01, 2019 4:17 pm

Take the AT&T phone off hook and then press its Flash button.
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