Caller ID not always working

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Caller ID not always working

Post by Rmonio » Fri Jun 28, 2019 2:28 pm

We've noticed since we've begun using the system that the caller id(s) for incoming calls are not always right (in comparison to what we had with the phone company). How does OOMA determine the caller id and deliver it to the phones you have attached?



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Re: Caller ID not always working

Post by ramysr » Fri Jul 12, 2019 11:29 am

I have observed the same issue you have described. It's apparent that Ooma is using an outdated CNAM database to lookup Caller ID information. We have two cell phones in our house with individual CID names assigned. I can go online and verify the CID on a CNAM web site. If I make a call from these cell phones to an ATT landline the CID displays correctly. If I make the same calls to my home Ooma number the one cell phone displays a CID that should show my wife's name but instead shows my name (this name change was made over a year ago) and when I call home the CID displayed is Cell Phone Mi.

It's up to Ooma to provide the CID using a CNAM database. In a related discussion on the forum on call blocking using Nomorobo that database is supposedly downloaded weekly by ooma. I'd be happy if ooma downloaded an accurate CNAM database monthly.

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Re: Caller ID not always working

Post by OomaWests » Sat Oct 12, 2019 12:51 pm

When I call my Ooma home phone, or a new Ooma I just installed for a relative, from my cell phones (numbers used for 15+ yrs), this is what is seen:
SUBJ:New VM from Cell Phone CA [<cell number 1>]
MSG:Listen via phone: <ooma number> then press * or
SUBJ:New VM from Cell Phone CA [<cell number 2>]
MSG:Listen via phone: <ooma number> then press * or

i.e. the displayed names are "Cell Phone CA"

This is what's seen in the texts & emails that Ooma sends to me, even after those names & numbers are added to the Ooma Contacts.

That info was also the Ooma-displayed Caller ID *until* I added the names & numbers to the Ooma Contacts.

*But* Ooma shows this on its web Call Log page (since those numbers & names are in my Ooma Contacts)

(aaa) <cell number 1> <cell phone 1 name>

(bbb) <cell number 2> <cell phone 2 name>

(i.e. the correct names for these numbers, as listed in the Ooma Contacts)

** which Ooma *doesn't* use for the caller ID info included in the texts & emails listing calls & voicemails (??!!). So "put the numbers and names" in the Ooma Contacts (they already are) doesn't work around this.

*Fortunately* both I & my relative have a phone-number-to-speech phone, with those numbers & names in *its* address book, so that that the phone speaks the *correct* names (not the bogus "Cell Phone CA") based on its number=>names list.

Yes, I have Ooma Premier.

I've called my cell company (AT&T) and also checked the account profile webpage. Both *clearly* show that the correct names (first-name last-name, unique for each cell phone) are the caller-ID values for these phone numbers (and have been for years). They are *not* "Cell Phone CA" (for either/both phone numbers).

Where is Ooma getting this bogus "Cell Phone CA" caller ID from?

If Ooma would like to get in touch with me, I'll call "you" from my cell phone number and you can see what Caller ID is coming thru.

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Re: Caller ID not always working

Post by Dave_G » Wed Sep 02, 2020 5:09 pm

I just ported over to Ooma today and I am noticing the same problem with Caller ID. Looks like they are still using an out of date database. :cry:

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