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"No loud sound" message

Posted: Fri Aug 23, 2019 11:08 am
by Jean1958
Just today a strange recording cuts in at the beginning of a phone call I attempt to make saying "No loud sound". Then the phone number is dialed. It does it on every phone call I try to make. Very strange.

This is on an Ooma Telo through Comcast. I've unplugged the Ooma device for 20 seconds, then plugged it back in, but the same recording cuts in.

The problem has to be in the Ooma device.

Can anyone offer some assistance? This is very annoying and strange.

Re: "No loud sound" message

Posted: Sat Aug 24, 2019 3:26 pm
by Jean1958
Excuse me, but the correct phrase is "No routes found", not "No loud sound".

A tech from Ooma is the one who noticed the correct phrase. Thanks for that, BTW.

The internet has many references to that phrase, but no definitive answer. Ooma has escalated my issue and will get back to me about it.

What happened was I had to give the Ooma tech our cell phone number, which she called me back on. Then, I had to reproduce that strange message on our Ooma phone line with the phone speaker held close to our cell phone so the Ooma tech could hear it.

It was quite funny looking back on it.