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Brand new Telo and handset - unable to call certain numbers

Posted: Thu Nov 16, 2023 7:22 pm
by woiefrjh
Every outbound calls I've attempted works fine, except for my cell. Always goes immediately to a fast busy, then disconnect. I have the ooma for the sole purpose of my kids being able to call me when I am not home, so in my use case, the ONE thing I need it to do is not working.

Tried putting *99, *98, *97, *96, and a bunch others in front of the number - no change.
Changed my outbound caller ID to a second number I added to the account - no change.
Added my number to the contacts - no change.
Disabled / Enabled 10 digit dialing a couple times - no change.
Tried +1, no +1 - no change.
Tried ooma support - "it's been escalated"... how long should I give them before giving up and returning the equipment for a refund, since it isn't doing the one thing I need it to do more than anything else?

Re: Brand new Telo and handset - unable to call certain numbers

Posted: Sat Nov 18, 2023 1:11 pm
by Robek
Check the return policy to confirm when the refund window expires, before deciding how long to wait, (maybe at least a day or two before then). This is probably an issue between Ooma's carriers and the cell phone's carriers, that they need to resolve on their end. Hopefully, that shouldn't take more than a few days.

If the cell phone is a local call, with either the same or nearby area code ("NPA") or overlay, then it's possible that 7-digit dialing (or 1+7-digit dialing) could work. But that depends on the specific areas codes and exchange codes between the two numbers.

The *96, *98, and *99 codes only affect call clarity, not connectivity. Changing the outbound caller ID to a second number shouldn't matter, unless the cell phone was blocking the first number for some reason. And adding numbers to the Contacts list only affects whether Ooma blocks incoming calls.

Re: Brand new Telo and handset - unable to call certain numbers

Posted: Fri Dec 01, 2023 5:01 pm
by kevin1229
I am unable to call a specific Verizon Fios landline number - the main number that I call. After I dial the number, I hear nothing. The phone rings on the receiving end, but they either hear nothing or receive a busy signal.

I have an ticket into Ooma for a month (and a second ticket was open for weeks before an “update” was pushed, which didn’t resolve the issue, and that ticket was closed). I have supplied many days of call data via email. My ticket is with an OOMA Level 3 technician, who is never in the office when I call. I called again twice today (first the technician was on break; then the technician left hours before my first call). I spoke with a supervisor, who said that this issue has been escalated to the carrier and they are waiting for a response.