ooma worked only in 60days without problem, until..

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ooma worked only in 60days without problem, until..

Post by oomalola » Mon Oct 12, 2009 9:02 pm

yeah, if it is not worked in the first 30days, you can return it to the place where you purchased, but problem will be happened after 60days, so you can refund or any credit.

first you have no problem for the first 60days, later you suddenly can't make any outgoing calls? ( sometimes you can call only to specifice number only that in luck for you if you in sat on this problem :)), yeah, doesn't matter 7 numbers to dial or 10 numbers or even 11 numbers, why? i call my friends and he used to get my call on the first 60days i owned ooma, later he could not received my call... that my story..but thing isn't stopped right there..... you in bad shape if you call technical supports, i think about 2 out of 10guys you can talk that he can solved you problem, not every technicians is good in helping, so good luck to have ticket number on troubleshoot for later...(
if you could make any outgoing calls and suddenly it stopped then try config your ip, 99% it will be solved on my problem, since you changed automatic ip to different type of your ip, it will be worked in 24hours and it will be on the square one, you sure have ooma blinking red tab and number 1 and 2 as well. so change it back to automatic again make sure delete number you have entered before you update. The second important things is use built in mac before click update on setup page.

they don't do exchange or replacement, you on your own when you passed on return days as their policy...

i am thinking about that happened when you can not make any outgoing calls because you are in basic core-ooma rather than premier users-pay service. that is the only thing i could think of why my phone isn't worked after 60days when they let you tried premier for the first 60days.

you should worry about ooma core and ooma tunnel disconnected, i don't know what ooma-core does but when i have blinking red on ooma tab it disconnected, doesnt matter what about other things, and secondly i see that ooma tunnel, could not worked sometimes and your phone is cannot make outgoing call.

if it will be cost $9.99/monthly and problem don't show up on everyday or next day, i willing to pay it- correct me if i was wrong. the only thing i can see differently in premier and basic-core are phone features not about get better connection so it does not affect phone line whether receive or make call.
i ask them but have not receive any answer from them. it pissed me off. yeah ooma better than magicjack because you don't have to turn your computer on 24hrs/day. but magicjack has better call quality.

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Re: ooma worked only in 60days without problem, until..

Post by Davesworld » Mon Oct 12, 2009 9:20 pm

You tell us absolutely nothing about how your ooma is set up in relation to your network, whether you use a landline with it or anything. Are you asking for help or just venting?

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Re: ooma worked only in 60days without problem, until..

Post by allo » Mon Oct 12, 2009 9:32 pm

TOO MUCH RAMBLING; with a very strong foreign... speech... hard to understand what the problem is!
State the facts!
What kind of Internet Access?
What is exactly the problem?

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Re: ooma worked only in 60days without problem, until..

Post by niknak » Tue Oct 13, 2009 6:55 am

even if you pay $9.99 a month you will still have problems unless you do some network diagnostics.

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