problems in making international calls

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problems in making international calls

Post by fengyuwuzu » Mon Nov 16, 2009 9:16 pm

I have several problems in making long distance calls:

1. almost everytime the first dialing fails but charges me 3 cents;
tongiht I tried to call China twice, both failed, and was charged 6 cents.
(it failed probably no one picked up the phone)

2. There has been twice, that in the middle a conversation, the phone line disconnected automatically.
I had to redial and it took some time to get connected again.

3. The sound quality is good when i called a small town in North China, but very bad when calling Beijing.
This has been tested >3 times each, and the results are the same.

Is this because the phone lines are much busier in Beijing, a big city, compared to a small town?

4. The rate is high, compared to a calling card -- but ooma does not allow us to use calling card. Plus so many 3 cents charges in connection, ooma is not very good in international calls.

I will test skype and see how it is compared to ooma.

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