Update: How do I use call waiting? update

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Update: How do I use call waiting? update

Post by pclose » Mon Jan 11, 2010 8:45 am

I posted the following a while ago. I have since ported my number and I am now 2 months free of the landline. Only the cable modem and phone line are hooked to the OOMA. I have only one cordless phone base station hooked up. The base has a hard wired phone, and we have one cordless handset w/ it. It is a Uniden DECT 6.0 phone. The call waiting feature still does not work. If I am on a call and a call comes in I lose both calls when I hit flash. Call #1 sounds like it goes on hold, but call #2 does not come on. If I try to switch back, call #1 does not come back on. Ultimately I have to hang up and call #1 back. Incidently, when I hang up, the phone rings like I left a caller on hold. Call waiting worked fine before...has anyone had this issue? Any advice to correct is appreciated!

Other than this I have had absolutely no issues. This one isn't even big deal...but I would prefer to use the feature than have this problem

old post, pre-port: I cannot switch over to an incoming call using call-waiting.

background: I am an internet subscriber and I am porting my number from At&t. I have an official porting date in late January. I have to keep both the landline and cable connected to the ooma until the port date (according to the install instructions when porting). I installed my ooma hub in the basement and routed a line to an upstairs phone base. We use cordless handsets off the phone base. I like the setup. I do not want to see the ooma and I like it to stay with the modem and wireless router at the service panel. The ooma works perfectly as the ooma dial tone sounds and online call logs confirm usage.

Problem: When I have a 2nd call and switch over using the 'flash" button on the handset, I do not get my incoming call. I then cannot switch back to the 1st call? I lose communication with both calls and when I hang up, the phone rings like I left a call on hold. Weird. My at&t service included call waiting. I feel like I am leaving the ooma service and switching over to the landline, where there is no call, and not being able to get back. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? I should have probably downgraded my at&t service to remove all of the features prior to the porting request but now at&t cannot touch my account, according to them.

Will this issue go away once my number is ported? Is there anything I can do in the meantime to catch the second calls?

thanks in advance!

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Re: How do I use call waiting?

Post by bw1 » Mon Jan 11, 2010 10:26 am

Since you integrated your landline, you cannot use call waiting for incoming calls on the landline. When you port, all incoming calls will be using your Ooma service and call waiting will work.

The only way for call waiting to work with your integrated landline is to have your landline provisioned for call forward busy to a special Ooma number. It has to be provisioned by Ooma.

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