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Voicemail trimmed to 9 second dial tones

Posted: Tue Feb 24, 2009 1:33 pm
by airlindy
Voice mail has worked normally in past, and still have saved VM's on the system that were normal. Now voice mail that is left is recorded as a 9 second dial tone, even though the call log shows that actual time duration to be very different. When I call to test the system with my cell phone, after 9 seconds I will get the VM sms notification that I have a new msg, even though I'm still engaged with the VM sys. and haven't finished speaking. My lounge VM log shows all messages received at 9 sec in an obvious stuck pattern. This goes for cell phones and land lines, everyone that has called. I have yet to set up the second number for scout on the Premier, so can't yet test phone to phone. And I'm waiting on a port, so landline to ooma status. Note: when I leave a test msg, I have pushed # for more options after leaving the msg, and press option 2 to hear the msg I've left and it plays it back great. But once I hang up and check for the msg, it has been replaced with a 9 sec dial tone in the VM lounge or hub or scout.

Anybody else experiencing this? I have an email into support, will edit this with an answer.

Answer (by-the-by, tech support had me straightened out with phone calls to my Ooma line and an email all within 2 hours of my forum posting and a phone call. Fantastic stuff, great support):

My Qwest Voicemail on my landline was picking up before Ooma, so it would register as a 9 sec message of a dial tone, but a perfect message on my Qwest voicemail. There you go. User error. So I lengthened my Qwest message ring pickup from 4 to 8 rings and Ooma to 3 rings and all back to normal.