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Incoming call issues

Posted: Thu Aug 12, 2010 4:35 pm
by mrmako45
To start, I love my Ooma Hub and have had no issues until this month. My hub sits behind my router and I have enabled QOS on the router. My network is active, but the QOS (TCP Vegas) has done a great job with traffic. This month I began to notice a problem when I would call home from my work phone (which is VOIP based). I would dial the number and then hear nothing. In some cases it was 10-15-20 secs before it would ring. In other cases it simply did not connect, but I was not sent to voicemail either. Occasionally the call would go straight through, but that was more likely after a reboot. I tried from my Verizon and Nextel phones and got similar results, though Nextel was worse than Verizon.

I placed the Ooma in my DMZ and did not see demonstrable results. My understanding is the hub creates a VPN to the server, so really this should not have changed much and it didn't. With all this said, occasionally I cannot reproduce the problem meaning the phone rings as normal, but it comes and goes. That smells of traffic congest, except I kicked everyone off the network to test and it still happened. Once last thing is when I ping from a PC, it drops packets. This is a ping within the same network and I know for a fact the hub will return pings, just not consistently.

So I am wondering if a firmware update might have occurred recently or something that would cause things to change. The only thing I can relate to my situation is that I did have a power failure a few weeks back, but all my devices are attached to good surge protectors so I do not think anything got fried. Ideas? The diagnostics for Ooma are a bit weak, but maybe they offer a tool for download?