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Telo goes to VM during call

Posted: Mon Oct 11, 2010 7:25 am
by utlax18
Over the past couple of days I have had Telo drop during a call and the party on the other end hears our "voice mail" greeting. It was quite embarrassing I was on a work conf call and Telo goes out and all 50 people hear my voice mail message. Why would Ooma/Telo do this? The time that it does this is not consistent, i.e. within the first 1-2 minutes of a call. This is probably the 4th time in about 3 days.

Here is the status of my cable modem....

Freq/Power: 603.000 MHz 2 dBmV
Signal to Noise Ratio: 36 dB
Modulation: QAM256

Freq/Power: 35.800 MHz 47 dBmV
Channel Type: DOCSIS 2.0 (ATDMA)

Symbol Rate: 5120 kSym/sec

Modulation: QAM64