Some messages go to Ooma voicemail only.

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Some messages go to Ooma voicemail only.

Post by bbgarnett » Tue Oct 12, 2010 7:54 pm

Hello the last 2-3 days I have noticed that 2 people have called and left a message. The thing is it doesn't go to my Answering machine and it just goes to the ooma voicemail thing and the only way I know that there is a message is becuase my phone blinks. Now this has only happened twice and it was both from my Moms work and someone was asking if she could work a shift. So I was wondering why that is happening, like why my answering machine isn't picking up those messages when it picks up others just fine. Also the other thing to note is one of the calls was from I think the actual Work number from the manager and the second time it was one of the other lady's at the store calling from her cell phone asking if my mom could work for her so it's not like it was the same number. So I was wondering why that happened and am assuming it was just a coincidence they both messages were about asking my mom to work if she could. Also on another note when my answering machine picks up and records a message it also records the Ooma tone and so it keeps recording like 10 seconds after the person is done leaving message and it records the ooma tone, and also if someone calls and doesn't leave a message but the answering machine still picks up it won't shut off until the ooma tone is done and every once in a while it will record the ooma tone. It hasn't recorded just the ooma tone in a while but it used to if the person didn't leave a message and the machine picked up it would still record the ooma tone.

So yeah any help would be appreciated

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Re: Some messages go to Ooma voicemail only.

Post by southsound » Tue Oct 12, 2010 8:24 pm

What might be happening is the call comes in while you are on the phone - maybe even when you are dialing. In that case, calls to to the ooma voicemail directly. May I ask why you would use an answering machine when ooma has such an awesome voicemail feature? It takes calls when you are on the phone - something your home machine can't do. It makes messages available on the Internet in case you want to check from on the road. And if the power goes off or your Internet connection goes down, it is still there. I have a great Uniden DECT 6 5-handset system that has a built-in answering machine but I never use it because the ooma has so many additional features.
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Re: Some messages go to Ooma voicemail only.

Post by ntoy » Wed Oct 13, 2010 12:26 pm


Currently your account has basic service (single line).
As Southsound mentioned, if you are on the line & another call comes in & you do not pickup, it will go to Ooma vmail.

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Re: Some messages go to Ooma voicemail only.

Post by bbgarnett » Sun Oct 31, 2010 9:35 am


Well it happened again my moms work called and it didn't go through it went to the voicemail I don't even know if the phone rang when they called I wasn't home but my mom was and she said the phone never rang or anything. So it's just getting a little frustrating. I mean no one else in on the line when they are calling but yet it won't come through to our phone it just goes to the ooma voicemail. It only happens when someone from her work calls or at least it's only happened when her work calls. So why would it be doing that. Also I just noticed that nothing shows up in the ooma call logs either so it doesn't show that they called so noting in incoming, outgoing or missed also nothing shows up on the call logs on our phones either. Also we have no incoming our outgoing or missed calls for today either the only thing is the voicemail message from my moms work and it says it came today at 10:54 am and asked if she's be willing to come in today for a few hours which she would have done if she had gotten the call/message when they called but it's not too late. Any ideas or opinions would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Some messages go to Ooma voicemail only.

Post by Legal Eagle » Mon Nov 01, 2010 8:41 pm

Having the same problem. Calls going directly to voicemail and not showing up on call logs.

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Re: Some calls go to Ooma voicemail only.

Post by Mike K » Tue Nov 02, 2010 7:17 am

I also have calls going directly to Ooma voice mail. The phone rings once and then transfers to voice mail. No rhyme or reason. The next several calls will be OK, then one or two will go directly to voice mail. I've tested it by calling in from a different phone # ... the first time, one ring, then it went directly to voice mail, the next four calls worked fine. This is not a case where the line is being used.

This problem has developed in the last several weeks. Nothing has changed in the way of setup ... phone, modem, internet provider, etc.

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Re: Some messages go to Ooma voicemail only.

Post by Mack » Fri Nov 05, 2010 3:52 pm

I have had a incident open with Ooma Support since Qct.19th and I still have the calls going to voicemail problem. They will not admit they have a problem even though I sent them copies of the forum showing them the problem is wide spread. Two days ago they sent me a new "HUB". Today I discovered all calls were going to voicemail and the message light didn't even flash. I rebooted Ooma and so far I have received two calls correctly. I have answered all the questions support has asked. Even the stupid ones like "do you get a dial tone"? It's an incoming problem, not an outgoing one. All you people having this problem please open an incident with support and maybe they will fix it.

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Re: Some messages go to Ooma voicemail only.

Post by 2spirit » Wed Nov 10, 2010 8:24 pm

I have been using the Telo for nearly a year with no significant problems. Tonight I experienced the "one ring, then straight to voicemail" phenomenon for the first time. DND was not on and no one was on the phone at the time. On the Telo handset Call screening is on, speaker is on, but the caller could not be heard leaving the message. Incoming calls from this number (though limited to a few calls) have not experienced this problem in the past. I see that quite a few people have reported this occurring over the past month or so, but this was a first for me. (And hopefully the last!) I know that intermittent problems can be difficult to solve, but I do have the feeling though that something is not quite right with the service lately. For example my outbound CID has recently stopped showing up on phones that had no problem seeing it before. New firmware? New carriers? Is it happening in a limited geographical area? I don't know. Don't get me wrong . . . I love the Telo. Hopefully by keeping a record of these "straight to voicemail" calls, a pattern can be discerned and a remedy found.
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Re: Some messages go to Ooma voicemail only.

Post by bohica_NC » Thu Nov 11, 2010 6:27 am

Same here, I was wondering why I'd get OOMA email and a blank messge or just a few clicks. Last night we got a call and as soon as I reached for the phone (and before caller ID came through) it stopped ringing. I thought somebody just hung up until I noticed the email and found a lengthy voice message in the OOMA system (where nothing should ever go - I have it set to 59 rings and have an answering machine to pick up the calls).

Hope OOMA can get the fix in, I have recommended this service to others, and they've taken me up on it, so if it becomes unreliable - I'll be the fool.

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Re: Some messages go to Ooma voicemail only.

Post by bgbar » Thu Nov 18, 2010 5:00 pm

I found a fix to similar issue. I had Google Voice Extensions (GVE) assigned to my second line. I then bought a Telo Handset and assigned the second line to the Handset. I had to disable GVE in order to assign the second line to Handset. After install when I would call the second line from my cell phone and it would ring once in the cell phone earpiece and apparently go to voicemail without playing the greeting I had set up on the second line / handset. On the handset itself I could see the call ID of my cell phone but the handset would not ring (soft keys had "answer" and "VM"). No matter what I tried I could not get the handset to ring nor my second line greeting to play. I even exchanged the handset for a new one but that didn't fix it anything as it wasn't the issue. One call to Oooma support got me a handset reset to no avail. An email to Ooma support generated a response that I had GVE enabled and it was rolling to GVE voicemail (no greeting setup on that number - it all started to make sense). I told Ooma support that I had to disable GVE in order to assign the second line to the handset and there was no way for me to disable it again as that function was not showing up on the Ooma's "Google Voice" setup webpage. I asked them to disable it in the system if it showed that it was enabled as I had no way to again disable. Ooma support did so along with disabling anonymous call reject for an extra measure. After a reboot of the Telo and Telo handset everything worked as it should. Only took several weeks to figure out!

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