Ooma service canceled

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Ooma service canceled

Post by Robert50284 » Thu Jan 06, 2022 4:33 pm

Well, Ooma wouldn't listen after due diligence. Ooma has refused to change it's call blocking policy and requires the feature ro be part of the Premier service so they lost a 10 year customer.

We're giving the telo and HD handsets away.

We're senior citizens on a fixed income, we were bombarded with four or more telemarketing calls a day and could no longer afford premier. Ooma offered to give it to us free but we said unless you change the policy and offer it to all of us on fixed income, then we're not interested. Altruistic? No. Christian? Yes.

We pray 🙏 that you'll change your business model for senior citizens on a fixed income, Ooma.

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