Ooma service canceled

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Ooma service canceled

Post by Robert50284 » Thu Jan 06, 2022 4:33 pm

Well, Ooma wouldn't listen after due diligence. Ooma has refused to change it's call blocking policy and requires the feature ro be part of the Premier service so they lost a 10 year customer.

We're giving the telo and HD handsets away.

We're senior citizens on a fixed income, we were bombarded with four or more telemarketing calls a day and could no longer afford premier. Ooma offered to give it to us free but we said unless you change the policy and offer it to all of us on fixed income, then we're not interested. Altruistic? No. Christian? Yes.

We pray 🙏 that you'll change your business model for senior citizens on a fixed income, Ooma.

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Re: Ooma service canceled

Post by Robek » Wed Jan 26, 2022 11:30 pm

Hopefully he can still afford his second phone. If Ooma refused to change their policy, but they proposed a counter-offer instead, then it sounds like they would (and did) at least listen. There are other call-blocking alternatives for anyone who doesn't want to pay for Premier service, such as handsets or third party devices that offer their own blacklisting or whitelisting functionality.

Traditional landline providers frequently rely on government programs to offer discounts to low-income subscribers, and they may be at least partly reimbursed for that. The details vary between states and providers, but generally they offer a discount on one of their lowest-tier plans to approved participants. And that may still cost more (and offer less) than what Ooma charges for Basic (or even Premier) service.

Let's hope that Ooma exercises their own due diligence before offering low-income subscribers incentives to cancel their Premier subscriptions. If there are a lot more of them than expected, then Ooma might have to cut back on other services (like customer support?), or raise their prices for everyone else.

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Re: Ooma service canceled

Post by rwagoner » Sat Feb 05, 2022 10:33 pm

Let me get this straight. The features offered for free were not enough, so you're leaving a free service. Interesting.

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Re: Ooma service canceled

Post by twofingerrightclick » Thu Jun 16, 2022 7:57 pm

I got Ooma for my Grandma so that she could use her previously landline based handsets. We pay the $30 ($28.78 to be exact) for premiere with call filtering (boy does that make a difference! She got dozens of scam calls a day! Now maybe 1 every other). However, $30 will get you a decent mobile Unlimited plan with call filtering etc, and so compared to Ooma which is only talk, Ooma is kinda meh. $15 would be more reasonable. They should have a senior plan with discounts, because that is kinda the audience for a lot of their original products, but they seem to know that they are going to have to transition to other solutions as the next generation of seniors will use mobiles... I just hope they can continue to support their older community of users. Sounds like they are failing a bit.

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