Add report likely scam call on block call screen

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Add report likely scam call on block call screen

Post by EdKeating » Thu Aug 03, 2023 11:22 am

I think that i would like the option to let ooma know that the spoofed call i received was a spoofed caller id and is very likely a fraudulent ( punishable by $10k fine) under current law. We currently are unable to determine the source of the call, but suspect that it is a VOIP call from overseas attempting to defraud the called party. Ooma could locate the information that set up the call and either report it to authorities, and or inform the voip provider that their subscriber is performing illegal activity.
I know that Comcast does not call unless they have been called first, but when I receive a call telling me that my cable provider who they state is spectrum then I know it's a fraudulent call.

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