Billing Sucks

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Re: Billing Sucks

Post by EricJRW » Wed Jan 19, 2011 9:13 am

larrysyr wrote:My Ooma lets you know what your current service is, what it doesn't let you know is whether you are going to be "upgraded" to premier service and end up paying 9.90 a month when you can't afford it, instead of just paying the state/fed taxes for your basic service. I got an Ooma because my ship was going down do to phone bills, cell phone bills, cable, internet, tivo, power, gas, credit card interest, health insurance, 11 dollar movie theater fees, etc. I've gotta cut everything down to the bone or the ship is going down, and me with it. Recurring fees are the bread and butter that all companies love to charge to keep their revenue stream going. Trouble is, when you add all of them up, you are paying 1000 bucks a month or more, and your life isn't that much better.

That's why this email from Ooma freaked me out.
Mine does... This is what I see:

Trial status: Subscription begins in 3 days
___________Opt out of Ooma Premier.

During the installation process, I was made aware of all the bells & whistles Premier has to offer, and what it costs. I can see how it might be overlooked, but I personally don't feel ooma is hiding anything (though I'm not a big fan of "opt out" schemes).
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