OOma device, service sucks as does it customer service

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Re: OOma device, service sucks as does it customer service

Post by thunderbird » Sun Aug 07, 2011 11:48 am

bmccollum wrote:I have tried every last suggestion posted on this forum as well as every suggestion recommended by Ooma customer service. Absolutely no improvement in terrible delay I continue to experience. Don't make assumptions, folks...
I was looking at your past posts. You have had "quite a ride".

Do your parents still have Ooma, and if so, is there delay when taking to them, Ooma to Ooma?

If you parents still have Ooma, did they get their other problems corrected?

Are you just having the delay problem or is there other issues also?

About maybe ten percent of delay problem may come from the home setup. The rest of the delay problem is credited to the Ooma side and beyond.

Although several people have reported a delay problem, in most cases the delay problem has been on an individual case by case problem.

That means that the people that have had success correcting their Ooma delay problems had to contact Ooma Customer Support with their problem, and have it escalated to higher levels, which you did. And then you have to doggedly keep after Ooma to have the delay problem corrected.

I know because I had delay after first starting with Ooma. But I kept after Ooma until corrections were made on their side, and my delay issue has been gone since. Once in a great while I will have some low level echo. In that case I just turn off my Ooma Telo for about 15 minutes, and then restart the Ooma Telo. That corrects the echo problem every time. But overall may Ooma Telo functions very well, and if it blew up and quit right now, my wife would force me to get another one, since she likes it so much. :)

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Re: OOma device, service sucks as does it customer service

Post by rlw » Wed Aug 10, 2011 4:40 pm

I love my Ooma service!!!!

I have had my Telo and handset for about 7 months and love the service, voice quality, and equipment!
I have excellent voice quality and no echo.

My handset gave me problems, the battery would die within one hour. Contacted support and they replaced it right away and the new one works great!

I recommend Ooma to all my friends!!!!

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