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Free Faxing Solutions

Posted: Fri Mar 23, 2012 5:56 pm
by lbmofo
For a while now, I've seen numerous posts about folks having fax issues with Ooma.

Whether the problems is with internet quality, fax machine model, not turning off "Error Correction Mode," not reducing baud rate, not reducing image quality, not using the right dialing prefix etc etc......well, let's set that aside for this thread.

If you are a heavy faxer, maybe this thread won't help you.

But if you are an occassional, once every blue moon type of a faxer, this info might be useful.

Free incoming faxes to your email (VMs to your email as well):

Works great. I had zero issues; extremely reliable.

The catch:
  • 206 area code only (Seattle)
  • Need to have activity at least once every 30 days (I just remind myself to leave a VM for myself every month)

Free outgoing faxes:

MyFax Free lets you send faxes for free to over 40 countries (including USA). Just upload an attachment (178 files types supported) along with some info such as "to," "from," your email address, and "txt message" (to be used as part of your cover) and click "Send Fax." It is that easy. After you "Send Fax," you would get an email asking you to confirm (you have to click on the link in the email to send the fax). Once fax is sent, you'll get a "success" (or failure after 3 tries) email as well.

The catch:
  • You'll need a way to scan what you want to fax; all in one printer would do the trick.
  • Only up to 2 faxes per day; each fax not to exceed 9 pages including cover (but I've done 15 pages once without issues; the destination got all 15 pages); attachment can't be larger than 10MB/10 pages (but I've done pdf file with 14 pages without issues).
  • The cover page will cotain what you type in the "txt message" field plus MyFax ad; ad excerpt: "This fax was delivered by MyFax Free a no cost, send only version of the MyFax Internet Fax service."

Note: next to the "Send Fax" button, there are 3 boxes for email addresses to "Tell your friends about FREE faxing. Enter their email addresses below," You can leave them all blank; not needed to send fax.

The last time I had to fax out was months ago (must have been a couple of years ago before that). I had about 7 pages to fax and my Hub worked fine using dialing prefix *99 (I do have a DSL filter on my fax machine). However, if my Hub didn't work, I would have had another option.

Other free outgoing fax services I've seen:

Re: Free Faxing Solutions

Posted: Fri Jan 10, 2014 7:41 am
by georose
Thanks for the options, they just won't work for my business. I have to fax signed documents. It would be a huge PITA to scan everything.

Is Fios and Comcast considered VOIP? I had both and no problems.

Re: Free Faxing Solutions

Posted: Fri Jan 10, 2014 7:46 am
by lbmofo
georose wrote:Is Fios and Comcast considered VOIP? I had both and no problems.
They are VoIP as well but since they are ISPs (they have total control), they route their digital phone traffic in a special manner (via their dedicated backbone) and not the general internet.