Ooma Mobile ? Get it to work

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Ooma Mobile ? Get it to work

Post by caesar » Thu Feb 07, 2013 11:01 am

Diane (Listening)
Diane: Thank you for your question, one moment please while I access that information.
Diane: I do apologize for the inconvenience that caused you..
Diane: What seems to be the problem?
(so far only gotten ping-ponged from one unqualified individual to another. THAT IS NOT WHY I PURCHASED PREMIERE *UPGRADE*

purchased ($10 ! ), downloaded, installed Ooma Mobile app on iPad. App is properly installed & recognized by iPad.

when it comes to gobbling my $10 (for an app to use a Premiere feature !) there is no hitch. Never seems to be hitch when it is $ out of my wallet, haH-haH

can't dial out. Red disconnected ikon at upper left. YOUR $10 APP WILL NOT ESTABLISH CONNECTION.

Require SPECIFIC OOMA MOBILE EXPERTISE to starighten ths out without wasting any more time , or, being shuffled around
Diane: What is the version of your Ipad?
You: Version? Never saw you PREspecify version
You: iPad mini with truckloads of ram
Diane: Can you check the version on settings?
You: Your tech people never asked about iPad "version" when I asked them pre-sales info on app
Diane: I apologize for that
You: 6.1
Diane: I see
Diane: Just to let you know that version is not compatible on our ooma mobile application
You: top hardware, uptodate OS
Diane: I understand but our engineers are still working on that issue
You: Just to let YOU know that prior to my purchasing from you it is YOUR "experts" who assured me that it is 100% compatible. The Apple OS is also in iPhone. That means I was doubly misled. Suggest you refund not just MY $, but, all oher app purchases you generate via app store since you are currently selling something that you now is not working
Diane: I know how you feel but to be honest with you since you purchased it from App store we don't have an access to process a refund
You: One more time: yu are currently offering something in app store , are taking $, and you KNOW it not to work. Your legal people will explain to you

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Re: Ooma Mobile ? Get it to work

Post by lbmofo » Thu Feb 07, 2013 11:16 am

caesar, just in case, take a look at this post to make sure you got everything covered as far as properly setting up for the mobile app: /viewtopic.php?t=15132#p105351

Not using the app with iPad but works fine with latest iOS using my iPhone 4S.

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