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Re: Reliable faxing should not be a premier feature

Posted: Thu Apr 25, 2013 8:46 pm
by EX Bell
See this thread for more info and a sensible response from Ooma on the matter. Faxing over IP is not simple and Ooma is not ignoring the issue.

Whether or not it should be a premier feature, I'm not going to debate. I personally cannot understand why anyone would want to use Ooma without the premier features, especially the call blocking. It's so little money compared with the $74 a month I used to pay Bell Canada for a basic phone with only call waiting. No other features except for a limited LD plan. For them to even get close to Ooma Premier features, I would have to pay Bell Canada well over $100 per month. Canadians get completely screwed by local phone carriers. Ooma is the only fair and honest carrier available here. I'm pleased with the features of their Premier service and the price.