HD2 Handset Batteries

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Re: HD2 Handset Batteries

Post by TheOldGrouch » Thu Oct 13, 2016 7:52 am

Well, one of my HD2's is one again getting stupid with its battery indicator, showing 0% charge despite those same batteries being fully charged. I will break out my new spare handset and press it into service, and at such time as another one goes brain dead, I shall simply replace it with an aftermarket set despite losing some functionality. I am totally sick and tired of buying the absolute junk equipment the ooma sells. Apparently the higher ups at ooma simply do not give a damn if they sell us junk as long as we just turn around and buy more of the same junk later. Perhaps if enough of us finally stop filling their pockets with our money, they'll finally get their heads out of their keisters and start sourcing their equipment from someone other than Vtech. :x
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Re: HD2 Handset Batteries

Post by kriemer » Sat Jan 21, 2017 11:23 am

thomasm wrote:Take the batteries out and replace them. Wait one minute so it can detect the charge level. Place it on the charging cradle. When it indicates 100% when you replace it on the cradle UNPLUG THE CHARGER or just don't sit it back on the cradle. When the battery indicator turns brown (50% charge), put it back on the cradle or plug the charger in. When the indicator shows 100%, stop charging it!

You can tell the batteries are fully charged when they are slightly warm. That is because unlike a properly designed charger, the HD2 keeps charging the batteries and since they can't hold any more the charging current is converted to heat. Rechargeable batteries should NEVER remain on charge once they have reached 100% capacity. That is why your cell phone battery is probably ice cold even after leaving it plugged in to the charger overnight. When the cell phone charging circuit determined the battery was full it shut off.

Too bad the HD2 isn't as smart.
Just got my HD2 and it seems to be working properly, by that I mean when the charge shows 100% the charging circuit shuts off (batteries remain cool). I don't know if this is due to an improvement in the design of the HD2 from an older generation, or if "thomasm" just has a defective phone/charger. For me I have to say so far so good,

Thanks for all the info, I will keep watch while on warranty for any problems.


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Re: HD2 Handset Batteries

Post by thomasm » Tue Jan 24, 2017 6:44 pm

No, I don't have defective hardware.

The software has been changed so the batteries don't overcharge anymore. When the charge indicator is all green and setting the HD2 on the charging cradle (when the display is active) and the message "100%" appears the batteries won't charge.

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