Non Informative - customer hell

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Non Informative - customer hell

Post by srthada » Wed May 01, 2013 9:19 am

I just started as a new customer in USA PST time zone(13 days ago) and registered for international package of $10 every month. I was a vonage customer before and I thought month is defined from day you registered to same date next month.

when I am registering I did not see that OOMA cycle is only for end of last day of the month ( they might have shown this info some where small characters ( certainly not evident where I can see it clearly). So I lost 40% of minutes.

Other issue is they renew on the first day 12AM less 8hr (they follow some thing Greenwich std time or some thing- who the hell knows what it is). By the time I realized I even lost the time on the last day to make any calls.

The story gets much worse

I called customer service this morning May1st ( they close 7 PM, so could not call them on April 30th by the time I realized I got renewed already for next month). The customer rep a lady was very rude. Never gave me a chance to talk and explain the situation. Since this was first honest mistake (happened because of things were not clearly presented when I was signing up), the customer service never even considered to give me credit for unused minutes. On top of this she dont want to connect to supervisor with whom I wanted to explain situation (he/she may be a good listener).

I have seen companies operating in USA using EST, MST, CST or PST for services operated here, OOMA is the only company that operates on the Greenwhich ..... time zone which is 8hr ahead of PST and they dont advertise it openly. If you are doing some thing completely different than other companies, at least you should be willing to make sure you advertise it proactively instead put it in extra small letters part of 10 page user agreement, where no one even cares to read.

On top of it you dont let it go for new customer as it takes time for any one to realize what is happening.

Vonage has best customer service in same sector, at least they listen and understand reasonable first time mistakes. OOMA dont care about customers, such a shame............

I just got out of international plan........

If I get some other service reasonable I will get out of OOMA completely

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Re: Non Informative - customer hell

Post by lbmofo » Wed May 01, 2013 9:57 am

You should be on your own billing cycle for the international plan; if you started on the 20th, then the cycle starts up again every month on 20th. The minutes bucket behaves this way too. I think Customer Service maybe mistaken. A call to customer service may clear this up and get things corrected with your billing cycle (if you were charged early this month) and minutes.

If you went over 1000 min of international calls already in 13 days, your prepaid account would kick in (and remain kicked in until your next billing cycle when your bucket of minutes start up again) and if you had zero balance in your prepaid account, your auto-refill (if provisioned) may kick in as well. keep in mind if you call destinations not covered under the plan, your prepaid account would be charged even if you sign up to an international plan.

For more info: viewtopic.php?t=9033#p63245

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