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Ooma Office Feature Request

Posted: Tue May 05, 2020 6:30 am
by rpearson
We recently upgraded to Office Pro and there are a couple of items of interest.

1. With the voicemail transcribing to email is there a way to apply that to the call recordings as well?

2. We mainly made the upgrade to use the conferencing solution more but we have a couple of gripes currently.
- The beep when you are the only one on the call. Wish there was a different option for either some soft music or nothing at all.
- It seems strange to us that there is no Host vs Guest bridge codes. So if someone joins your call then they later can come back on and use it whenever you want.
- Which leads me to the pin codes for the bridge ids. I understand the codes might be a way around this but the individual users cannot modify there own pin codes so an admin would have to and even if the users have to do it all the time it could be annoying. At a minimum please allow users to modify there own pin codes or if you enable the pin code maybe the system can generate or roll the codes once in awhile automatically?