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Ooma Status & Updates needs a Refresh

Posted: Sat Jul 04, 2020 12:09 pm
by careh
The locked post at the top of Ooma Status & Updates titled "Ooma Service Status" is ... as the orange haired guy would say ... 'Fake News' as it claims there have been no issues with Ooma since Sept, 2018.

Just today I was told by Ooma call-in customer support that an Ooma server in Canada is down - resulting in no incoming calls being connected.

It would be useful to have a 'Non-Fake News' post or page available to indicate when issues are present affecting Ooma phone service. That would save Ooma customers from calling in (or ...shudder... Chatting) to go through the myriad of 'try this, try that, reboot this, get a new that' suggestions - only to ...possibly... find out at the end that there is a known issue.