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Softphone parked call display

Posted: Fri Apr 23, 2021 8:03 am
by diakonosmd
I will be hosting a live call-in internet talk show for my ministry. We integrate the phone into our audio through the computer by way of the softphone. A great feature would be to have the ability to see a list of parked calls with the park number so that they can be retrieved and connected with a mouse click.

In our use case, this would allow the reception person/call screener to take the initial call, and then park it to a visual list the "on-air" host can see on the softphone then just click on the listing to connect the call in the softphone.

A bonus feature to this would be the ability of another softphone user to park the call and attach a short topic note to that listing so it can be visually seen by other softphone users authorized to see the park list.