Ooma hub disabling my home internet service

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Ooma hub disabling my home internet service

Post by andywergedal » Wed Aug 25, 2010 8:15 am

Yesterday, my ooma hub turned red blinking and will not connect to the internet. Further because it is not responding it disables my internet modem because it will not accept an IP address from the ISP. My internet access can be restored by removing the ooma hub from the network, but when I plug it into the network, it kills the modem and I have to get the ISP to reset the modem to re-establish our connectivity.

My speculation is that an update failed to download to the ooma hub and now the hub wants to connect to complete the update but it is killing off my connection in the process. Of course it could also be sun spots, invisible aliens or I'm totally wrong.

Any ideas on what is happening, or what I could do to get my ooma hub working?

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Re: Ooma hub disabling my home internet service

Post by murphy » Wed Aug 25, 2010 8:36 am

Every time you change what is connected to a cable modem you must power cycle the cable modem to make it forget the MAC address of the last device to successfully connect. The cable company has programmed the modem to accept the first MAC address it sees and to ignore all subsequent MAC addresses. This is how they prevent you from pulling more than one IP address from their DHCP server.
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