Ooma Telo 2 Call Statistics values missing

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Ooma Telo 2 Call Statistics values missing

Post by Radojevic » Tue Jul 20, 2021 10:36 am

Heads up for Telo 2 customers...

Ooma firmware versions where issue occurs..

I have Ooma Telo 2.
Current firmware is 42180772.
The issue described below occurred for previous firmware 38550032, also.

Call Statistics values are not populating...
All Mean Jitter (ms) values seem very wrong, and closely matches Rx values.
All Tx values are missing.
All XC Latency values are missing.
All MoS values are missing.
Ooma Call Statistics issue.png
Ooma Call Statistics issue.png (24.79KiB)Viewed 808 times

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