Porting web page form needs work

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Porting web page form needs work

Post by mbmb » Sun Jun 12, 2022 10:06 am

The form for porting on the Ooma website will not allow more than one first name to be used when filling out the EXACT billing information for the original landline phone company. On my landline bill are two first names, like Jane & John, then the last name. On the Ooma porting form one field is for the first name and the second field is for the last name. The first name field will only allow one name, so what happens is that the EXACT billing information can not be entered.

After just filling in one first name I called support to get this corrected so that the porting process would not be delayed or screwed up. After an extremely difficult forty-five minute (!) conversation with a tech support person, I think I finally convinced her what was needed, but she seemed very unfamiliar with what she was supposed to be helping with.

Hopefully this will be correct, but now it's a matter of waiting. Has anyone else encountered this dual name problem and did it cause problems with the port?

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