Porting taking FOREVER

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Porting taking FOREVER

Post by 2194725277 » Thu Jun 30, 2011 7:18 pm

I am really aggravated. I requested a port of my land line to Oooma May 16, 2011. At first, my estimated completion date was like 2 weeks from that day. Then it changed to June 14. June 14 has come and gone. I emailed support. I get a letter back stating "we have escalated this to the next level and we will contact you as soon as more information is available." I tried calling my present/soon to be former phone company, and they stated it was resolved, the computers just needed to update. Ok. Waited a week and called Ooma. They say they are waiting for a confirmation of the port date. I called back to the current provider. They now say they have no record of a port request. I write Ooma back. I just keep getting emails that state, "This issue has already been escalated. We will contact you when more information is available."
I can't help thinking, this issue could take someone like 5 minutes to resolve. I am really frustrated I just keep getting the same email back, with "status closed" on the email. It's not closed if it hasn't happened yet. It will be July tomorrow. I provided correct information. No problems there. I can't see why this is such a problem. It is not doing my marriage any favors, either. I convinced my husband to switch, and now he's mad we paid for this thing and are still paying for a phone bill. I just hope it resolves soon, or I at least get an email from someone giving me a timeline! Heck, if at least they said "one more month" I would know it's one more month. Here it's been 2 weeks since the month estimated time frame, and still no emails.

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Re: Porting taking FOREVER

Post by lbmofo » Thu Jun 30, 2011 11:11 pm

Time for ntoy rescue.

Email Norman and at the least, he'll give you a straight answer: memberlist.php?mode=email&u=107

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