Still unable to make a 3 way call

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Still unable to make a 3 way call

Post by in2dadark » Thu Dec 10, 2009 7:17 am

I use 3 way calling quite a bit. But I am unable to do it most of the time with ooma. I place the first party on hold by clicking over to line 2 and when I try to put them back on the line by holding down both buttons they are unable to hear me and I them. This has been an issue forever with ooma; And it almost makes having the primier plan moot. I really wish you all would correct this.


Re: Still unable to make a 3 way call

Post by ntoy » Thu Dec 10, 2009 9:12 am


Unfortunately, I wasn't able to locate your account. You can send me an email with the mac address & I'll lookup your account. When you say you are not able to do 3 way calling most of the time, does this mean you are successful at times?

Yes, if you have premiere, 3 way calling is included.

Just to recap:

3 way calling has to be done in front of the Ooma device.
Once you establish a call on line 1, pressing line 2 will provide you another open line to dial out & placing line 1 on hold.
Once the call on line 2 is established, you are pressing both line 1 & 2 together until both light up. Is this correct?

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