Bandwidth codec setting/selection is missing?

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Re: Bandwidth codec setting/selection is missing?

Post by Bobby B » Fri Dec 11, 2009 4:38 pm

The Telo does not support incoming fax tone detection (support is coming in the future), so this setting is required if you want to receive faxes on your Telo.

The Hub already detects incoming fax tones, so this feature is not necessary for the Hub.
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Re: Bandwidth codec setting/selection is missing?

Post by ElllisD » Thu Jan 07, 2010 7:37 pm

Dennis P wrote:
oomama wrote:Yes, It is the same thing here, too. The high bandwidth selection button is missing. I wonder why they had it removed. Maybe too many people are having this option selected and used too much of the bandwidth at ooma routing center?
Good guess, the high-bandwidth codec (G711) uses 3x what our normal codec (iLBC) uses and we saw a much larger number of customers enable this than expected. We are evaluating how to handle the additional load/cost and have removed the option for now. We have added a new "fax mode" option to the phone number configuration page for folks who need to support fax.

For folks who have already configured the option, it will remain in effect. If you'd like to turn it on, shoot me a PM with your name and phone number.

In your PM you said you handled it, yet it still doesn't work over 24 hours later:


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