Lost my Premier Free trial after only 10 days

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Re: Lost my Premier Free trial after only 10 days

Post by wildbill » Thu Mar 11, 2010 10:54 am

Norm --

Thanks for taking a look at my account. Yeah I started my service on Feb 27th 2010. and when I went to the add-ons page I selected the $10 a month plan but at that time I still had 50 days of my free trial left but after using the add-on page to select what plan I wanted to use after my free trial was over when I did this it seem to knock me out of a month of my free trial. I would think my free trial should end April 27th, 2010 not March 27th.

>> Your service level is: Premier, Monthly Subscription
>> Your subscription renews on Mar 27, 2010

Seeing my start date was Feb 27th. it looks as if I lost 30 days on the free trial.

I do want to be a Premier customer at the month to month plan but would like to be able to recover that 30 days of the free trial I knocked myself out of by using the add-on page. I tried to email you and Bobby a couple of days ago but I never got a copy of the email I sent ya from the forum so I wasn't sure if you got my email. I will try again but if you don't get the email there maybe an issue with the mailer deamon on the forums site or some issue with my mail server receiving email from the ooma forum.


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