Line #2 stuck forwarding/Ring Home Phone--can't disable

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Line #2 stuck forwarding/Ring Home Phone--can't disable

Post by jtludwig » Mon Jan 10, 2022 10:35 am

Good morning,

I have two lines as part of my Ooma account, one setup to ring an Ooma Telo (line 1), and one setup to ring a Linx and a few HD3 handsets (line 2).

My problem is that for whatever reason, when I log into the “My Ooma” website using the information for line 2, I am unable to disable call forwarding/”Ring Home Phone”. I’ll uncheck the box and click save, however if I leave the page and return, it not actually disabled.

What this means is that all calls to my line #2 are stuck forwarding to line #1. Any tips on how to get this straightened out?


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