Ooma Telo stops Internet connection

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Ooma Telo stops Internet connection

Post by UsualPlaidJam » Wed Aug 03, 2022 7:10 pm

Hey there all!

I have an original Ooma Telo. Has been working great since I got it many many years ago. I just upgraded my home network to a Ubiquiti system. When I connect my Telo to the Ubiquiti router, I instantly lose internet connection for every device on the network. However, the Telo is connected, I can hear the Ooma dial tone and can make calls. But I cannot access the internet from any wired or wireless device. Once I unplug the Telo from the router, all other devices can access the internet.

I have AT&T fiber as my provider and using a Pace modem from AT&T. That modem is plugged into the Ubiquiti router and the telo is plugged into that router.

Any suggestions?

I debated about turning off the DHCP server on the telo. But I wasn’t sure what telo was using that for.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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Re: Ooma Telo stops Internet connection

Post by Robek » Sat Aug 06, 2022 5:37 pm

Most users just set up one local network, but the Telo can act as an IP router between two different networks, an "outer" network supporting higher-bandwidth devices (> 100 Mbps), and an "inner" network just for lower-bandwidth devices (< 100 Mbps). For example:
  • "outer" network (IP: 192.168.1.xxx): modem <--> router <--> Telo INTERNET port
  • "inner" network (IP: 172.27.35.xxx): Telo HOME port <--> switch <--> devices
Before changing any settings in the router, Telo, or other devices, make a note of the previous values, just in case it becomes necessary to restore them later on. For the "outer" network, make sure to connect the router to the Telo INTERNET port, (and not to the Telo HOME port).

The Telo "Internet Settings" menu only affects the "outer" network. The "Automatic" settings don't always work with some routers. First, check whether the router enables a DHCP server. If so, then set the Telo "Connection Type" to "Dynamic (DHCP)", to let the router assign IP addresses; otherwise set it to "Static IP address", and copy the other "Static IP Address Options" from the router.

If that doesn't help, and if the Telo menu lists an "INTERNET Port MAC address" option, then try setting that to "Use Built In" instead, and reboot the router.

The Telo "Home Network Settings" menu only affects the "inner" network. If there aren't any devices connected to the Telo HOME port, then don't worry about this menu. Even if there are any such devices, then disabling the Telo's DHCP server wouldn't affect any other devices connected to the router in the "outer" network.

If all else fails, then contact Telo customer support, or contact Ubiquiti customer support.

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