CNAM database

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CNAM database

Post by Stelcom66 » Fri Nov 18, 2022 11:51 am

When a call is received, does Ooma query a particular CNAM database for the Caller ID information? If I call my Ooma phone number from a particular phone number, it displays the old (incorrect) Caller ID information for the phone number I'm calling from. If I call a number served by Frontier Communications, the correct Caller ID name is displayed.

I realize this is more of a question for Ooma tech support. The carrier for the phone number is question (Windstream) has updated the name as requested, but it seems not all carriers have received the update. It's the terminating carrier that displays the Caller ID text, in our case Ooma. I wonder if Ooma uses a different CNAM database than Frontier?

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