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Receiving phone calls on Ooma Mobile

Posted: Mon Dec 27, 2010 4:29 am
by Mckeyville
Kids received iPod Touch 4G for Christmas. They have a prepaid phone to take out when necessary but pretty much always in Wifi coverage. I want to be able to call them to check in. I checked the FAQ's and saw this.

Q: Can I receive phone calls on Ooma Mobile?
A: Not yet. Incoming phone calls will be supported later this year.

It is the end of the year for sure. Any update on this feature. I want to take Ooma Mobile for a test drive on their phones if this feature is in fact available.


Freezing in Mickeyville.

Re: Receiving phone calls on Ooma Mobile

Posted: Fri Dec 31, 2010 9:39 am
by oomg
In the interim, try the toktumi Line2... no contract (and a 30 day free trial). I originally acquired a toktumi line in order to have a toll free number for my customers to call. When I got an iPhone, I found out that Line2 is included at no additional charge. My toktumi service is a virtual PBX at $14.95/mo. Works very well and a great compliment to my Ooma service. A pared down version of Line2 is available for $9.95/mo or $49.95 for six months (which includes unlimited texting), and I believe the app is free. Where else can one obtain unlimited "cell phone" (and texting) service for $10 per month (assuming wifi is always available) with no contractual commitment. O.K. the ooma service will only add $5/mo to your Ooma bill when it is available, but that does not include text messages.


For more info on Toktumi:

Don't get me wrong,

And don't get me wrong, I currently have three Ooma systems and have every intention of keeping all three.