Telo Problem and Solution == No Dial out no voice in

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Telo Problem and Solution == No Dial out no voice in

Post by keithlm » Mon Dec 27, 2010 8:56 pm

Howdy --

Just had a weird Telo problem for the last week. Was going to call support and have it solved but finally solved it myself. This is basically just common sense but I wish I had seen someone with this problem so I could have solved it a week ago.

PROBLEM: Incoming calls ring the phone and can also go to voice mail. And Telo voice mail works as it should. But I could not answer calls and could not make outgoing calls; I had no dialtone or busy signal of any type.

I rebooted the Telo, the Cable Modem, and the Router several times with no success. I was getting ready to unhook the router and hook the telo directly to the cable modem just to check that type of configuration when I found the solution. (That procedure would have been a pain because I would have needed to wait for the cable system to flush the cache and re-register the mac on the telo vs the mac on the router.)

SOLUTION: Rebooting those things did not "reboot" or cycle power to the stupid wireless telephone base unit. I even reset the phone remotes and re-synched them with the wireless base unit. You would think that would have worked because it should have "reset" the phones. And I guess it did reset the phone remotes; just not the actual base unit. It took an actual "cold boot" or cycling the power to the wireless phone base unit to get it to work again.

As I mentioned, it was just common sense. But I thought I'd post it; if my post helps even one person from having a headache then that makes my post valuable. SIDE NOTE: The only reason I found this was because I unplugged the phone base unit to take it over to the old landline outlet and plug it in to see if I got any kind of static or sound. If I had not done that I would still be banging my head on the wall and blaming the Telo.

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