Mixed mode extensions

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Re: Mixed mode extensions

Post by bw1 » Fri Mar 27, 2009 5:49 pm

lohertz wrote: All else fails you could add some cat 5e or 6 to replace it!
I didn't realize you could use cat 5e for phone lines. I have a whole reel of cat 5e, which I've used to run Ethernet jacks to other rooms of the house. I also ran an extra phone line to the wall behind the entertainment center for my DVR.
southsound wrote:bw1
If you are trying to use the second pair for ooma, remember that some homes are wired in a star topography - in other words, all of the cables meet at the network interface box on the outside of the house. If you have never had more than one line in your home, the white/orange and white/green pairs may not be connected together in that intrerface box. Connecting them (white/orange to white/orange, orange/white to orange/white, ect) will make the jacks in other rooms work. You can strip the wires and twist together, using tape to finish up the job, or better yet, use ScotchLock connectors or "beanies."
They may have been connected at one time. The previous owner had an alarm system installed and there are wires everywhere in this house.

When we had the blackout in 2003, after a couple of days with no power, the alarm system triggered and I had to cut the wires to the siren.

Also, when I had to have someone come out to fix the phone line that was cut by the company installing my neighbor's sprinkler system, he disconnected the alarm system from the phone line.

I'm not sure if he cut the second line at the interface box, but I do remember he accessed the alarm box in the basement.

Anyway, thanks, I'll have to check it out and see if I can get the second line connected again.

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Re: Mixed mode extensions

Post by lohertz » Sat Mar 28, 2009 5:37 am

My house is new construction and its all cat 5e, however it is not a star configuration. Its daisy chained. I had to rewire somethings (and add ethernet to areas).

Cat 5e is becoming the standard, thats what's used to bring the phone line into your house from the network box (unless your on fiber)

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Re: Mixed mode extensions

Post by okypinoky » Mon Apr 13, 2009 6:25 am

bw1 wrote:Like others have said, you can plug the phone port on the hub to the wall jack to power all of your phone jacks in your house and you should disconnect the phone line coming into your house even if you have no landline dial tone.

I did read that someone also plugged the wall port on the hub to the wall jack to also connect the scout. In order to do this you have to connect a two line splitter to connect both the phone and wall ports to the same wall jack.

Based on what I read here from one of ooma's moderators, doing this is not recommended and could cause issues because you're effectively wiring the phone and wall ports on the hub together.

A better option is to plug the phone port to line 1 and the wall port to line 2 of your house wiring. Then you can connect your phones to line 1 and your scout(s) to line 2.

I tried to test this but the line 2 of my house wiring wasn't working.

Out of curiosity - I have my Hub connected downstairs (in my study) as I was instructed to when I purchased my Ooma. I am going to assume (without going home to look) that I have the Ooma Phone "OUT" plugged into the house wall jack. My scout upstairs is plugged into the wal and my phone system is plugged into the Scout.

My wife noticed the other day that the Scout's lights were all off, Apparently they had been off for a few days - but the phone has always worked. The phone worked with the Scout unplugged, and worked equally as well with the Scout plugged back in (it had come loose via normal "shaking" activities nearby). I was a little surprised that my phone worked without power to the Scout, and even more surprised that I really did not need the Scout in order to use the phone - I could have plugged it directly into the wall.

Any thoughts? I assume the only reason to have a Scout, is so that I can control voicemail, privacy options, etc... without having to go downstairs to the actual Hub.

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Re: Mixed mode extensions

Post by WayneDsr » Mon Apr 13, 2009 8:11 am

There's a dial on the side of the Scout that turns the lights out. Turn this dial until you see "blue"!


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Re: Mixed mode extensions

Post by okypinoky » Mon Apr 13, 2009 10:17 am

I know. That was not the issue. When I plugged it in, the Scout came on. No dial turning necessary.

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