Ooma and Porting

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Ooma and Porting

Post by swebb » Wed Jul 20, 2011 9:28 am

I'm a little aggravated with Ooma's ownership of the porting process. Everything appeared to go well until I called home (the Ooma ported number) from work and got the fast busy signal. This did not happen before the port and this is not happening with the temporary Ooma number that is still active on my second line so it is a problem with the porting process. Everything I've read and been told on this points to the work phone providor having a bad database on the ported number. Now I do not dispute this but Ooma puts the burden on me to work with the providor to resolve this, and it's a work phone so I would have to get my IT people involved. Is this the only providor this is happening with? I have no idea since I have no indication about calls that are not being connected to me.

It seems to me that part of the porting process is letting the world know that Ooma now is the providor for that number. When things go wrong, Ooma should be taking the lead to get it fixed. You can only imagine the levels of support that I will have to go through to get someone who can fix this. And I'm supposed to do this with any other providors that there are issues with? It seems to me that Ooma, as a telecommunications company, should have the resources and technical ability to fix this much easier than I.

My question on this is why can't Ooma again go through the part of the porting process that lets all the other providors know that this number is now being serviced by Ooma (or their subcontracted providors)?

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Re: Ooma and Porting

Post by lbmofo » Wed Jul 20, 2011 1:38 pm

If you find your number reachable via at least one other service provider, then your work phone provider is at fault for not routing the call properly.

The porting process involves updating of an industry database telling the world how they need to reach your number; hence Ooma's job is done at that point. If your work provider is not routing the call properly, you'd need to call them to complain. More effective if a customer calls vs a 3rd party.

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