Ooma Telo incoming DTMF double signal issue

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Ooma Telo incoming DTMF double signal issue

Post by sergey » Tue Jun 12, 2012 10:56 pm

I have a problem with DTMF tones pass through: every incoming tone gets second lateral tone sound. So if i dial 123 (3 tone signals) on the external phone I hear 1-1 2-2 3-3 (6 signals instead of 3) on ooma phone. Even if i dial a long tone it is still followed by the short signal of the same tone.
It makes almost impossible to use any other gateways or tone controllable devices behind ooma telo.
Does anyone experience the same problem? Are there any solutions and workarounds for this?

I've red that incoming DTMF signals have been an issue for some time and it was promised to be fixed via firmware update. If it is true when this update is going to be released?

P.S. To reproduce simply call your ooma telo from other phone (I used iPhone), pickup ooma's phone, then try to dial some numbers on other phone's keypad while listening ooma's phone sounds - you will hear each tone doubled.

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Re: Ooma Telo incoming DTMF double signal issue

Post by Stelcom66 » Mon Feb 29, 2016 2:08 pm

I see this post is a few years old but I just had that today. Rebooted the Telo then it was OK. I had a power failure a few days earlier - when power was restored the internet was off until about 12 hours later.

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