Disabling 911 on ooma

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Disabling 911 on ooma

Post by 4256332357 » Mon Jul 02, 2012 4:52 pm

Is there a way to disable 911 calling on ooma?

We my mom lives in a different country and her home number begins with 911. If I forget to add the international country/city code, we end up calling 911 mistakenly. The mistake does not happen too frequently, but it does not play well with the 911 operators naturally.

Another reason I'd like to have 911 disabled on this phone is that we have other phones at home and we sometimes carry the ooma box when we travel and use it in different locations.

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Re: Disabling 911 on ooma

Post by southsound » Mon Jul 02, 2012 5:05 pm

First off, welcome to ooma. :P

Now as to your request... have you been able to get your local utility to modify your previous phone service to not be able to dial 911? I didn't think so. So maybe you just need to be a little more careful when using your phone. As to calling 911 when you travel, consider that your agreement with ooma was to supply a physical address where you are using your system. This is easy - just go online to my.ooma.com and under Account, use the service address tab to change your physical address. Now, with some reasonably careful dialing, you are all set.

OOPS - almost forgot to suggest that you call customer support to have them change your login name. Otherwise every lowlife in the world will see your number and take their place in que to call you either while having dinner or when you are in bed.
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