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Call logs misrepresent voice mail

Posted: Mon Nov 26, 2012 2:48 pm
by snowbank
Ooma call logs are great for identifying callers, especially nuisance callers needing blacklisting. However I found that calls that go to voicemail are misrepresented in the log. They are listed as type 'Missed' with duration(seconds) = 0. I agree that I 'missed' a call that went to voicemail but that is a different than a call that came in and that I missed but that the caller left no voicemail (and the call duration is really 0). I have found that most junk callers DON'T leave incriminating messages so the call duration IS a useful number. Can we get this repaired? It would be great if we could also get the Type for a voicemail call changed to 'Voicemail' rather than 'Missed' Thanks